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Accounting Success Group

was founded in 2002, by Sharon McCauley and I, Brandon Morris, a mother/son team who combined their talents and experience to start a QuickBooks consulting, training, & support company.  Since then, we've brought on Kylee Morris, Brandon's daughter, or Sharon's granddaughter who got QBO certified at the age of 16.

I started selling merchant service for a company called Innovative Merchant Service, this was in 2006.  This company had just been purchased by Intuit at the time (actually 3 years prior.)  Bear with me, we're really going somewhere. :)  After Intuit completely merged IMS into QuickBooks, they phased out their indirect sales department which was my relationship with them and forced us into Intuit's IRP Program.  I wasn't happy about it at the time, since then, it's been a GREAT move for us...which leads to where we're at now.

Intuit Premier Reseller

WHAT is the IRP program?  IRP stands for Intuit Reseller Program, it's a Value Added Reseller Program for whom Barons', Inc. is a Premier Reseller.  The alternative is the authorized tier.  The difference, Premier tier has perks and better commission structure than the authorized tier, but the Premier tier also has minimum sales quota, currently $30,000 per 365 revolving year with near future plans on it increasing to $50,000.  At the time of this post our team is at the $100K club with plans on hitting the $1 Million Club in this next year. Go with us!

asg-a-green-01.pngAccounting Success Group

We've been selling now for several years and had a few people selling through our IRP channel as a way to make a little extra money or just to pass savings along to their customers.  A few years ago we decided to formalize the Accounting Success Group and take it up a notch.

This formalization is a way for QuickBooks Proadvisors, IT consultants, tax preparers, CPAs, etc to earn a sideline revenue stream to their business, be a PREMIER IRP, WITHOUT maintaining a sales quota.

The result at this point, is a 32 members strong team, selling the suite of Intuit QuickBooks products: QuickBooks Online (QBO,) QuickBooks Pro & Premier desktop products, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Point-of-Sale, Payments (QuickBooks Merchant Service,) and Payroll.  We also have relationships with Vantiv, BluePay, and Quantum Merchant Service giving us additional resources where QuickBooks payments may not be a good fit for our customers.

Gina AvilaWhat we LOVE about this team is that we share...we share ideas, what's working in sales and in product. While we are all technically competitors in the industry, most of us are spread out enough, and have different expertise, the team/group approach is beneficial to us all!  Another HUGE benefit is that we have direct access to Intuit.  We have dedicated IRP support phone numbers for product related help and a dedicated channel sales rep who is one of the best...our ROCKSTAR, Gina Avila.

We are actively recruiting new members to the ASG team.  If you know QuickBooks ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, tax preparers, IT consultants, business coaches, or the like that might want to add a revenue stream to their current practice without sales quotas...send them to

Once you, or they, click on the link above, it'll take you to a form on asking for your contact information, social media profiles, etc.  This information is for our use only, not sold, shared, etc. Once we receive that request, we'll e-mail a more informative explanation about ASG, commission structure, etc.  Once we get the go ahead, we'll send you the contract, followed by a direct deposit authorization form, then we'll spend about an hour to an hour and a half with you, show you the platform Intuit uses for ordering products, turning in leads, etc. We'll go over pricing, marketing and answer any questions you may have.  It'll be A LOT of information in a short time, the good news is, we're here for questions when the time comes and we WANT to answer your questions, we WANT to send you money, we WANT you successful in this group because that is what makes us successful!